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"A way to expres myself. "Thank you for being my friend, hero or teacher."

"It started as a joke, a dedication to his love for a magical dog, and it turned into a way to honor people's pets. It then transformed into a storytelling platform that pays tribute to 'the Outcast.' Tein, who secretly admires and gest inspired by people het secretly studies, He is a loud empath, investigating the reasons behind others' pain. He expresses gratitude towards those who were there for him during hurricane season in his system. Occasionally, he allows darkness to enter in his stories, in order to reveal a teacher in the form of a toxic personality—though not too often, as it can be detrimental to Karma. He tries to soften the impact of the stories. Sughar was the coping mechanism. All tastes should be covered and mixed. sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami. Hot and Cold, and in a colorpalette the rainbow is jealous of. A little dramatic fight can do you good. One cannot always be a good boy."

"L'Animorphe" transforms old masters and attempts to repurpose fragments from history that we humans aren't particularly proud of. Animals, to me, are more authentic storytellers. For the full experience, please follow on Instagram (music is only added there)."


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"The first storybooks were created on a very limited budget. The grammar of the first two books, 'Cat' and 'Dog', was done by an artist who isn't a native English speaker. While writing 'Animal', he received assistance from an 'Angel named Roisin'. In all the books, the Italian text has Spanish grammar, which can be quite amusing if you speak both Italian and Spanish. Despite these challenges, the stories are written from the heart. Unfortunately, mostly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they didn't gain attention from the audience, but the press loved it!"

Are you a professioal publisher of storybooks and interested in publishing l'animorphe storybooks feel free to contact us.

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