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How it started

A graphic designer by trade, Tein Lucasson is a Dutch art director and creative producer of a number of brands and printed works. A lover of all things creative, Tein works around the clock to keep his clients happy while producing a number of artistic projects on the side. 

The idea for l’animorphe first came about in March 2016 as a fun and creative outlet for Tein, using the Facebook page of his best buddy labradoodle Ventje as its platform. It wasn’t long before friends were asking for their cats and dogs to be l'animorphed. 

Today, l’animorphe continues to amass a strong social media following, appears in local exhibitions and shipped to various parts of the world.


What began as a playful escape from daily pressures and deadlines is now a rapidly growing business that brings a smile to the faces of pet owners around the globe. 

Click here to view more of Tein's work.

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