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the step-by-step process

  1. Write a short character sketch in the order form covering the quirks and personality of your pet (please keep it short)

  2. Upload a good photo of your pet. The better the photo, the better the portrait will be

  3. Maybe a few photos of the area the work will hang in. Colours will then be chosen to compliment your interior

  4. Let me know which completed l'animorphes you like. This helps to get an idea of the kind of aesthetics you prefer

  1. All you need is an iPhone-6 (or later) or similar style camera

  2. Set the camera settings to the highest resolution

  3. Make sure you have your pet’s favourite snack nearby

  4. An assistant to help you make funny noises or say words your pet reacts to, like a ball, cookie, cat (or the name of your granny) to make your pet react. This adds to your pet’s expression

  5. Take a photo similar to one found in a passport or ID card. Your pet should look either front on, or slightly to the side. Make sure the camera is the same height as the eyes of the pet

  • Outside or close to a window will get you the best light. Don't make photos into the light, it gives a light blur in the photo

  • Avoid direct sunlight as it gives hard shadows that can create a strange effect and change the colour of the fur

  • On lighter eyes please make sure to have the eye colour visible. Dark eyes work best when reflecting the light (to make them sparkle!)

  • Focus your pet to follow your finger/cookie/raw meat/cheese to the right or left just above the camera. If the eyes of the dog allow it, a bit of white above the lower eyelid will give your pet that ‘puppy dog’ look

  • And if all else fails there is always loads of photoshop magic I work with, so don’t worry if the photo doesn’t work out perfectly!