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Artist Impressions, Tein creates on his Intuition after a clear briefing. Questions about expectations will be made by e-mail. result: a Digital Petportrait based on your pets character according to your wishes.

Tein Tries to catch your pets uniqueness. After delivering a clear character sketch, please let me know me the essence of your pets character, and a little what you expect. I deliver one portrait, If you are not happy at all, i will give it another try, If you are not happy a second try, €50 euro will be charged but unfortunately no HR delivered. A happy customer gets the HR print and can print is as much as he/she want for personal use only, it can be uploaded in the store where items can be ordered. Very happy customer gets the HR digital artwork, and has it reproduced at Dutch Art Reproductions, This is the best quality you can find, and will look like a real oilpainting.  (prices can be found on their website). Only reproductions ordered will be Shipped with certificate.

Price: €250:

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